Japan COVID-19 ¥100,000 Subsidy

As part of the Japanese government’s “New Coronavirus Pandemic Emergency Economic Measures”, it has been announced that all residents will be given a payout of ¥100,000.

As a foreigner living in Japan, here’s everything you need to know about it.

Who is eligible?

Every person who is recorded on the Basic Resident Register as of April 27, 2020 is eligible. This means that if you have been granted to stay in Japan for over 3 months and hold a Zairyu/resident card, then you may receive the lump-sum. Short-time visitors therefore, those who are on a tourist visa, are not eligible.

For those who have newborns in the family (just like us), note that the base date is April 27, 2020 so babies born before this date are eligible.

Who is going to ‘receive’ the money?

The money will not be distributed to each individual person. Instead, the head of household may apply for all eligible members of the group.

If you want more information about the Basic Resident Register, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has a detailed post about it on the following link:


How much is the payout?

The amount of ¥100,000 will be given per person in the household who is eligible and wish to receive the money. You may opt to not receive the payout. There will be a portion on the application form where you can indicate whether to ‘accept or not accept’ the assistance. If all members in your household choose to not accept the payout, you need not send your application.

How will the amount be given to you?

The lump sum payouts for all applying members of the household will be deposited to the bank account of the head of the household (as indicated in the application). If you happen to have no bank account or have any other valid reason why you bank transfer will not work for you, you may inquire about receiving the the payout at the local municipal office.

How can you apply for the payout?

There are two methods to apply. One is by mail and the other is online.

Applying by mail

Your local municipal office will mail an application form addressed to the head of household as indicated on the Basic Resident Register. Completely fill out the said form and, along with a copy of your identification and bank documents, mail it back using the postage-paid envelope included with the application form.

Applying online

You may only apply online if you have the official ‘My Number Card’ (which contains your photo and an IC chip).

First, log in to Mynaportal using information on your My Number Card. Then, fill in all the required information (head of household, household members, bank information). You will also be asked to upload verification of your bank account. Lastly, submit the application by providing your electric signature.

In-person applications are limited to special cases in order to prevent the risk of spreading the virus.

You may visit this site for more information about the My Number Card.

When is the application period?

Although the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has stated that they plan to begin the payout as early as possible, the decision on when they start acceptance of application forms is up to each local municipal office. It may also be possible that the start of acceptance of applications by mail and online will be on different dates. In any case, all applications must be filed within 3 months from the starting date of application by mail. Be sure to keep yourself informed of the application period in the respective area where you live.

Are there any precautions that I must take in relation to the payout?

It is anticipated that some fraudulent actions might occur in relation to the payout where people will be asked to provide personal or bank-related information.

Keep in mind that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication nor the local municipal office will never:

  • Ask you to operate an ATM
  • Ask for any handling/processing fee for the payout
  • Call, mail or email you asking for personal or bank-related information prior to the official start of acceptance of applications

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