Using Japanese Apartment Bathroom Fan

Very often neglected (because duh, aren’t ventilation options only supposed to be just ON and OFF?), the fan in your apartment bathroom is not only good for drying the floor after a shower but for a lot of other things as well – including drying your laundry!

For this article, I will be using the Dry Fan 24 that we have at home. As always, the unit that you have at home might look different – with more or less buttons or features. However, this guide should at least get you started on taking advantage of this tiny technological marvel.

Main Functions

This ventilation fan has four main functions represented by the four buttons on the bottom part of the panel.

乾燥 (kansou) – For a lot of foreigners who are new in Japan, this is a new and very interesting function. It allows you to dry clothes inside the bathroom! This is especially useful during Japan’s notorious rainy season or in the cold winter months.

涼風 (ryoufuu) – Use this button to turn on the cooling fan during the hot summer months.

暖房 (danbou) – Press this to turn on the heater if you want to warm up the bathroom during the colder seasons.

標準換気 (hyoujun kanki)、ブロー換気 (blow kanki) – The last button is for the ventilation feature which has two modes. Hyoujun kanki is for the standard ventilation – like if you want to right after you take a shower. The other mode is when you want to give the whole bathroom a really thorough drying out.

Other Buttons

タイマー切替 (taimaa kirikae) – This button (along with the arrow buttons) allows you to set the timer for the options above it (入時刻 and 切残時間).

24時間換気 (24 jikan kanki)- Since a lot of apartment bathrooms in Japan don’t have windows to let air in, this fan is automatically programmed to run 24/7. If you want to ‘pause’ it for awhile (like when you are going to clean the filter), press this button.

停止 (teishi) – This button is for turning off the function being used.

フィルターリセット (filter reset) – After cleaning the filter and putting it back into the fan, long press this (about 3 seconds) to reset the filter.

時計/セット (tokei/set) – If you want to change the time displayed on the panel, use this button and the arrows up and down to get the time you want.

Other Lights

午前 – means a.m. with regards to the time displayed.

午後 – means p.m. with regards to the time displayed

お手入れ – this light indicates that the filter needs cleaning,

現代時刻 – shows that control panel is displaying the current time.

入時刻 – lights up for when you want to schedule a function to run at a certain time. Again, the set time will be displayed on the panel and you can use the arrow buttons to adjust.

切残時間 – lights up to show that the panel is currently displaying the remaining amount of time before the current function

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