I know you’ve noticed it too. Lately, the air has been getting just a bit warmer and every now and then, the breeze is peppered with the sweet scent of early blossoms eager to welcome the upcoming season. Yes, the beautiful spring is on its way and in order to celebrate, I consulted top Japanese fashion websites about the top trends this year and show how to wear them.


Ah, the quintessential spring must-have – florals. I know it’s hardly a revolutionary idea but you know what? I’ a sucker for florals. I could wear them all year long. I do wear them all year long.

Most of us probably already have at least one floral piece in our wardrobe but would most likely be expanding our collection pretty soon – inspired by the colorful spring flora. When buying more items with this print, try to be more adventurous and don’t limit yourself to the usual dress (here, I’m wearing a yellow wrap dress with small botanical prints) or skirt choices.

One article I’d probably be abusing this year is these pair of floral trousers. The green and white print on the black background is very summery and can quickly elevate a simple top such as the white sleeveless blouse I’m wearing here.

crochet and lace

Another type of outfit getting a lot of love this spring are those with crochet or lace designs especially those with big, cut-out looking elements.

In the four years I’ve lived in Japan, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this trend absent during the spring and summer months. Did you ever get one of those Uniqlo fitted midi-skirts? Even if you didn’t, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about because they were rampant – there wasn’t a day I wouldn’t see at least one person wearing them on my train. And if you did, great news! You can still put them to good use this year!

As for me, I love lace but they seem to always fall apart on me after only a couple of wears so I only have this one black, Zara piece left. Don’t get me wrong, though – I absolutely adore it and already have in mind a couple of combinations with it as the star.

I could, for one, go with my trusted black on black formula for a clean, sharp look. Or, I could go the exact opposite direction and wear a brighter, maybe even white pair of pants to make the black pop.


This is a trend that’s probably not as popular abroad as it is in Japan. When I first came here I was awed at how Japanese girls can expertly and effortlessly incorporate them into any style and on any season – paired with vintage tees, topped with an oversized cardigan, belted over a soft blouse. Apparently, this year is no exception and wide pants would still be a wardrobe staple. But here’s something to take note – all of the articles talking about wide pants being a trend say that this year, they are to be paired with a, as the Japanese would say, ‘compact’ top. This means you want to keep the proportions of your top small or slim – none of those loose, oversized look that is also very popular in the country.

In following this trend, I think it the pair of wide blue cotton pants I got from Uniqlo last summer would be perfect with a nicely fitting white cropped top. Then, I realized that I did not have a white cropped top – or any cropped top for that matter. I know, it’s crazy – I went overboard with purging my closet before we moved to our new apartment a couple of months ago.

But I’m also a denim lover and I immediately thought that these wide denim pants belted and paired with a simple black tank top would make for a great ‘cool as a cucumber’ statement.

pink (especially bubble gum pink)

Pink is honestly not a color that I wear very often. I’m more of a neutrals kind of gal. That said, I do have this cute pink tank top that I got as part of a set I bought from Amazon last summer. Although I am more comfortable with my Earth tones, seeing that the color is very hot this year, I can’t wait to take this lucky buy out for a spin.

It’s definitely more of a summer piece being a tank top and all. I would love to wear it with shorts and maybe a short, white kimono jacket (both items I currently do not own, lol).

In addition to that, I think it would also prove to be an interesting spring item given the right layering. Here, for example, the tank top and this blue blazer make for a very eye-catching combination.

All White

All-white outfits are all the rage this season! Just look at the many screenshots of different websites endorsing the style – screaming captions of ‘all-white’, ‘pure white’, ‘all pure white’!

Although I am more of an all-black kind of girl, I am so excited about this trend because it’s super easy to follow (duh, there’s only one rule! wear all items white) but can result to all sorts of nice combinations.

In most of the sites, for example, it is shown as more of the 大人っぽい/otonappoi style. This roughly translates to ‘mature style’ but don’t be discouraged as that word does not have the ‘aged’ nuance we are used to associating it with when it comes to fashion. In Japan, this is a positive description that is more in the lines of ‘sophisticated, lady-like elegance’ – perfect for young, driven working professionals, for instance.

Following those examples, I could wear one of my ever present and dependable white button-ups with my (only pair) of white pants. Scrunch up the sleeves a little bit, pair with black or nude heels (if you have white, even better), maybe wear a sharp pair of black shades on a sunny day – and voila, you have a professional but still very relaxed look.

However, and more to my style, I could also top that pair of pants with a white shirt. A plain one would do but here I have on a printed shirt (shout out to Breaking Bad fans who may have instantly recognized the Heisenberg print!). Finish off with a pair of white sneakers and you have a winning casual ensemble.


And those, ladies, are styles you are going to be wearing in the coming warmer months? How are you going to incorporate them into your wardrobe pieces? Let me know in the comments!

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