It was a Saturday afternoon – pleasantly warm for early March and our family decided to take advantage of the weather.

We hopped on a train to get to nearby Zushi Station and from there, we rode the Enoden (Enoshima Dentetsu Sen/Enoshima Electric Railway) to get to where we are heading. The Enoden is a popular train and, itself, an attraction because of its cute, old-timey appearance.

Its tracks are also unique for being very close to residences and offering beautiful beachside sights. Most of its stops cover the tourist spots in the area.

We got off at Inamuragasaki Station and from there, its a mere 2-minute walk to a place called ‘Yoridokoro’ which is where we were going for the day.

When we got there, we saw a small, unassuming restaurant painted all in chocolate brown. I right away had a feeling that the place served good food because despite its simple appearance, people were lining up and the place is bustling.

We initially got seated inside in a place where we couldn’t see the train. It was an area where people could squat on the floor. It was the obvious choice for us because we had a baby in tow and it would be easier for him to crawl there. However, our little firecracker moves quite a lot and we were sure that if we sat there, he would cause quite a racket and disturb the other customers. It was also about time for his nap so we figured that it would staying inside the stroller would actually be best for him.

We then asked to be transferred to where we had a view of the train and it just happened that the only one available at the time was outside. Even better! It gave us a more full-on experience of what we came for.

And then it started. A loud buzzer rang just as the nearby traffic light blinked red. Our table gently shook as the train approached and whoosh the train went right in front of our eyes.

To go with this unique experience, I ordered a combo of coffee and cheesecake which were a delightful treat. My husband… well, my husband asked for a fish meal set. It looked like a pretty straightforward except, the rice is served as Tamago Kake Gohan which means that it is eaten topped with raw egg. This is a pretty standard Japanese food to be honest.

However, this restaurant has a recommended twist which is to whisk the egg whites into a meringue-like consistency. In preparation, the waitress gave us the egg and whisk way before the meal was served. Then, my husband proceeded to spend the next twenty minutes (yes, twenty minutes – all by himself, by hand) beating the egg whites. In the end though, it did make for a pretty and delicious meal.

While enjoying our food, we noticed that the beach was so near, we could see it from our seats. So, after settling our bill, we decided to walk towards it. And wow, what a beautiful sight we stumbled upon.

One of the things that I love about traveling all over Japan is that there’s just so much beauty in the country, you literally stumble upon beautiful discoveries even when you don’t have a plan.

The sunset from the beach was breath-taking and the terrain, though quite rough, just adds to the charm of the scene.

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